Shibayama Yuusuke, was a participant in the Third Round. He was able to drop out after this round.

Shibayama Yuusuke
Name Shibayama Yuusuke
Japanese N/A
Romaji shibayama yuusuke
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 29
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Major Relationships Yokoya Norihiko, Akiyama Shinichi, Akagi Kouta, Hasegawa Hiroshi
Abilities Keeping Secrets
Image Gallery

Appearance and PersonlaityEdit

He has a rough looking beard, long hair, and wears a jogging outfit. He is very calm under pessure. Also, he is able to think of ideas on the spot. Both of these skills are useful the Liar Game Tournament.

Liar Game, Round 3Edit

He was initially under Yokoya Norihiko's dominating control, even tricking Tsunoda Kousuke at his request. He later betrayed Yokoya to help Akiyama Shinichi and the Southern Team. He was interrogated by Yokoya after the confession game, but gave no important information. In the end, he was able to drop out by Akiyama and Kanzaki Nao putting themseleves into debt.

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