Sakai Makoto
Name Sakai Makoto
Japanese N/A
Romaji sakai makoto
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 103
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Major Relationships Harimoto Takashi, Yokoya Norihiko, Akiyama Shinichi
Abilities None
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Sakai Makoto, nicknamed White Suit, was a participant in the Fourth Round. He was going to compete in the Revival Round III. However, he was replaced voluntarily by Akiyama Shinichi

Appearance and Personality Edit

He wears a white tuxedo, and has a facial hair. He is quite greedy, but is able to make necessary relationships.

Round 4 Edit

It is revealed before the game's rules were explained that Sakai was one of the six winners from Group 1's Round 4 Qualifier. In the practice run, Sakai is one of the players that were tricked by a fake alarm caused by Liar Game officials. However he managed to win the first practice period, as well as the second practice period. In the third practice period, he had the fastest start and was able to sit in any chair he pleased, making him say that "The other players;d kill to be in my shoes right now!". As he was about to sit in his chair, Nao Kanzaki picked up the chair and threw it to Akiyama Shinichi, making him lose the practice run. 

In the real game, he was originally a member of Harimoto Takashi's alliance, until Yokoya Norihiko gave him a seemingly better offer. He was asked to go back to Harimoto's alliance, but refused. He was eliminated in the 22nd period with Akiyama.

Revival Round IIIEdit

He was about to participate in this round. However, Akiyama gave a survey out to see who he would replace. He apparently won, and was replaced.