Saeki Kiyoshi, nicknamed Slick, was a participant in the Fourth Round Qualifier. He is currently in Group A of the Revival Round III.

Saeki Kiyoshi
Name Saeki Kiyoshi
Japanese N/A
Romaji saeki kiyoshi
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 83
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Major Relationships None
Abilities N/A
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Appearance and Personality Edit

He wears a sweater vest, and has greased hair. He is quite selfish, and highly greedy.

Liar Game, Round 4 Qualifier Edit

He was one of the first two to reach the win condition, along with Kawai Tatsuya. He and Tatsuya become the deciding factor that allows all players in that game to move on to the Fourth Round.

Liar Game, Round 4 Edit

He was eliminated in the 7th period. He became a member of Gaya Alliance at Shima Takahiro's request. He ended up earning 100,000,000 yen from that game.

Liar Game, Revival Round IIIEdit

He participated in the mock game. He commanded Kanzaki Nao, Kimura Kei, and Mikamoto Mika to put down their tablets so he could bid on his lot. It was more likely going to destroy them. His real intent is never revealed. He ended placing third in the mock game, earning twenty coins in the process.