Ootsuka Eiichi
Ootsuka Eiichi
Name Ootsuka Eiichi
Japanese N/A
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 84
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Major Relationships Yokoya Norihiko, Ikezawa Teppei, Mikamoto Mika
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Ootsuka Eiichi is a participant of the Liar Game Tournament. His nickname is Forelock.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Ootsuka has long, dark hair with a forelock, as his nickname implies. He has large, round eyes and slanted eyebrows. He also has a small moustache and goatee.


Round IV QualifierEdit

Round IVEdit

Ootsuka is again part of Yokoya's group.

A rewind reveals that Ootsuka had betrayed Yokoya and worked for Harimoto's group since the Gaya Alliance began boycotting. He was contacted by Mikamoto Mika who pretended to have fallen for him. Mikamoto told him Harimoto was going to win and gave him one of Harimoto's medals to save him from the 100 million yen debt he would be in once he lost the game. Mikamoto continued giving him medals and expressing worry about the game which led to Ootsuka giving away Akiyama's chair numbers. Mikamoto also convinced Ootsuka to vote against what Yokoya told him to vote, which led to Yokoya losing trust in his group.

Ootsuka ended the game with none of the winners medals, but his betrayal was never discovered by anyone. 

Revival Round IIIEdit

Ootsuka appears in stage B along with Yokoya and Fukunaga. He warns all the other players to stay away from Yokoya and reveals how he was lied to and duped by him.

Round VEdit

Ootsuka is among the other players standing in the hotel waiting for the round to start. He is shocked when Artier announces the this round would be the final.

After the Collective Ghostleg Lottery were announced, Ootsuka asked Yokoya for the way to win, but Yokoya nicely requested him try to think for himself in the early stages of the game. Ootsuka was assigned player number 9.

After a bidding war between almost every other participant, Ootsuka, eager to once again play on Yokoya's team, ended victorious and won Yokoya in the Human Auction for all of his 300 million yen. After his team of four was completed, Ootsuka and his team moved into a separate room.

During a conversation between the members, Ootsuka tells Nao that her plan of asking participants with over 200 million yen of winnings to quit was never going to work, as there is no profit for anyone involved in the plan. Ootsuka advises Nao not to get on Yokoya's bad side, as he knows everything about the Liar Game Tournament. Ootsuka, along with Nao and Wada Tatsuji, listens in shock to Yokoya as he explains his knowledge of the tournament, and about The Novel.