Nao's Father
Nao's Father
Name Nao's Father
Japanese ナオのお父さん
Romaji Nao no Otousan
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 1, Episode 1
Age Middle-aged
Occupation Unemployed
Major Relationships Kanzaki Nao (Daughter)
Abilities N/A
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Nao's Father is the father of the main character, Kanzaki Nao. He suffers from terminal cancer and currently lives in a nursing home. One of Nao's major motivations in the first arc is keeping up enough money to support him, meaning that she needs to stay out of debt. He also appears in the drama.

In the final chapter he is revealed to be Artier.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Drama Father

Nao's Father in the Drama

Nao's father is quite skinny and frail, with a skinny face shape. He has white, balding hair and wears glasses.Nao's father can be quite intuitive, noticing straight away that Nao is being bothered by something. He cares a lot for his daughter, and is grateful that she takes care of him.


Round IEdit

Nao's father is lying in his bed at his nursing room when Nao comes in to visit him. He tells her that the nursing home makes him feel better due to the spring weather. As Nao puts down her bag, her father asks if there is something bothering her, to which she tells him that there is nothing wrong. 

Nao is shown to visit him again when she is looking over Akiyama Shinichi's supposed floorplan for Fujisawa Kazuo's house. He again asks Nao if there is anything wrong. 

Revival Round IIIEdit

Nao's father lies in his bed while Nao and a nurse talks. He comments on how she has changed lately as she now looks people right in the eyes.

Round V Edit

Nao's father is packing up some of his belongings while talking to Nao. He is seen throwing away a mask with stalks.