Makizono Kazuya, nicknamed Four Eyes, was a participant in the Fourth Round Qualifier. He was able to drop out after the Fourth Round.

Makizono Kazuya
Name Makizono Kazuya
Japanese N/A
Romaji makizono kazuya
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 83
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Major Relationships Kanzaki Nao
Abilities Loyalty, Honesty
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Appearance and PersonalityEdit

He wears glasses, a cap, a jacket, and a reddish shirt underneath. He is very trusting and loyal. Although he is more easily deceived than others. He also is very fond of Kanzaki, due to her reminding him of a dead friend.

Liar Game, Round 4 Qualifier Edit

He is one of the two infected, along with Shima Takahiro. With Kanzaki Nao's help he is able to pass to the next round.

Liar Game, Round 4Edit

He is one of the four eliminated in the 1st period of the Fourth Round. His chair that was given to him by Kanzaki, was then stolen by Yasukawa Yasuhiko. He voted with Akiyama Shinichi's alliance. By doing that, it earned 200,000,000 yen. He was then able to drop out.