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Kim Ik-Tae
Kim Ik-Tae
Name Kim Ik-Tae
Hangul 김익태
Born March 15, 1956
Birthplace South Korea
Occupation Actor
Portrays Hyun Jung-bum
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Kim Ik-tae is a South Korean actor who portrays Hyun Jung-bum in the Korean drama, Liar Game.


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  • Kim Ik-tae has also portrayed in numerous dramas and movies: including Monk Hye-Gag in The Moon Embracing the Sun, Jang Ja-On in Jeong DoJeon, Director Park in Wedding Scheme, Jo Geuk-Gwan in The Princess' Man, Lee Won-Seok in Punch and Do Byeong-Man in Apgujeong Midnight Sun.

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