Shima Takahiro
Name Shima Takahiro
Japanese N/A
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First Appearance Chapter 170
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
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Kaneko Mizuki is a participant of the Liar Game Tournament. Her nickname is Sickly.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kaneko has light coloured hair that is shoulder length. She also has thin, dark eyebrows and small eyes. She tends to have her hair tucked behind her ears.

Kaneko seems to have a very neutral expression on her face whenever she is not interacting with anyone, even to the point where she does not seemed shocked when Yokoya reveals that he knows everything about the tournament.

Kaneko seems very kind hearted, as she decides to follow the righteous Fukunaga instead of joining the Yokoya Empire. She is also very loyal, sticking with Fukunaga until the very end, even when they were cornered. This is further proven when Kaneko ruins Nao's plan during the Human Auction to avenge her fallen comrade, Fukunaga.


Round VEdit

Kaneko is first seen standing around the room of the hotel of the fifth round. After playing the Collective Ghostleg Lottery, she is assigned player number 15.

After seeing Kanzaki Nao search for players with over 200 million yen in winnings, Kaneko approaches her and tells her that she has 250 million yen. Kaneko introduces herself, and claims that she has heard about Nao from Fukunaga Yuji. She says that she only has the 250 million yen thanks to the help of Fukunaga. Kaneko then begins explaining to Nao about what happened during Group B's third revival round.

Kaneko crying

Kaneko crying while recounting the third revival round

In her recount, Kaneko claimed that she did not fall under Yokoya's rule, and teamed up with the only other person who defied him: Fukunaga. Due to the betrayal of an unidentified player, Fukunaga and Kaneko were cornered, and Fukunaga sacrificed himself and gave Kaneko all a qualifying set of cards, as well as handing over all his money. Fukunaga sacrificed himself for Kaneko as she was the only person who did not betray her, and he wanted to thank her.

After Nao and her team had been taken to the other room, Kaneko ruins Nao's plan and bid on Sakuma Kanichi for 10 million yen as he also has over 200 million yen in winnings.