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Gaya Alliance was an alliance made by Akiyama Shinichi in the Fourth Round, but deceitfully led by Shima Takahiro.

Alliance StructureEdit

Founder- Akiyama Shinichi

Puppet Leader- Shima Takahiro

Members- Kawai Tatsuya, Taninaka Kouichi, Saeki Kiyoshi, Shimoharada Osamu, Tajima Kakeru, Wada Tatsuji, Murata Makoto, Tsumara Akira, and Ikezoe Kenji

Alliance's Fate Edit

At the end of the game, all members earned 100,000,000 yen. The puppet leader earned nothing for defecting to Yokoya Norihiko. The founder earned 400,000,000 yen. As of now, the alliance is dissolved.

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