Chapter 5
Chapter 5 cover
English Dissonance
Japanese 不協和
Romaji fukyōwa
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Chapter No. 5
Volume Volume 1
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Dissonance is the 5th chapter of Liar Game.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

  1. Fujisawa Kazuo
  2. Akiyama Shinichi
  3. Kanzaki Nao
  4. Three shirtless musclemen (imagined)

Synopsis Edit

Fujisawa sits in front of the space, getting more anxious by the minute. Akiyama, back in the rented house, explains to Nao that Fujisawa is perfectly demonstrating a psychological phenomenon called cognitive dissonance. This leads Nao the feel sad because this meant that Akiyama's claim of easily opening the safe was a bluff, to which Akiyama reassures her that it wasn't a bluff, but he can't tell Nao about his plans yet.

Fujisawa is slowly being driven mad, and he begins to theorize about how Akiyama could open the safe, such as using a blowtorch and carrying away the safe using three muscly men. Fujisawa arms himself with four knives, and Akiyama, watching from the rented house, laughs at his insanity.

Fujisawa knives

Fujisawa equips knives in order to drive away Akiyama

With four days of the game left, Fujisawa finally leaves his house to retrieve mail. He receives a notecard from the LGT Office which says that the game would be ending on June 14th, 5pm. Fujisawa is happy, stating to himself that he only needs to hold out for ninety more hours.

With 55 minutes left until the 5pm deadline, Nao becomes desperate and begins to beg Fujisawa for her money back. Fujisawa pushes her away from his window, telling her that he does not care that she will fall into debt. Nao continues to beg as Fujisawa stares at his watch, and this continues until 5pm.