Chapter 4
Chapter 4 cover
English Intimidating the Enemy
Japanese ゆさぶり
Romaji yusaburi
General Information
Chapter No. 4
Volume Volume 1
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Intimidating the Enemy is the 4th chapter of Liar Game.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

Synopsis Edit

Akiyama explains that Fujisawa has no option but to remain in his home as the money is in there, instead of the bank, which reassures Nao.

Akiyama draws up a floorplan of Fujisawa's house, and Nao, while visiting her father at the nursing, uses this to think about where the money could be hidden. Her father asks her if there is anything wrong, to which she denies, maintaining her stance that she does not want to worry her terminally sick father.

With ten days left of the game, Fujisawa, still cooped up in his house, smells smoke. He concludes that it is a fire, and quickly calls a friend to help find the fire, not wanting to call the fire department.

Suddenly, the smoke and fire noises stop, and Akiyama, radio in hand, reveals that the entire thing was his doing. This allows Akiyama to find out that the money is hidden in the room, due to Fujisawa's unwillingness to move from his spot. Fujisawa relents, revealing that although he is correct, the money is in a safe that they will not be able to open.

Fujisawa gains immense confidence and laughs at his certain victory, Akiyama scoffs at him, telling him that taking the money out of the safe is child's play for him.

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