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Akiyama Shinichi
Name Akiyama Shinichi
Japanese 秋山 深一
General Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
First Appearance Episode 1
Portrayed by Matsuda Shota
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Akiyama Shinichi is a participant of the Liar Game Tournament, who joins Kanzaki Nao in the first round of the tournament. He is portrayed by Matsuda Shota. Like many of the characters in the J-drama adaptation of the Liar Game manga, Akiyama closely resembles his manga counterpart: Akiyama Shinichi.


Akiyama hairstyle seems to be an interpretation of the style shown in the later chapters of the manga. Initially, it is short and falls over the face, but is later styled as being medium-long and side-parted with one side tucked behind an ear. He often wears jeans and a collared shirt, and sports a piercing in his left ear.